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The Punjabi culture is rich and colourful, and has spread throughout the globe influencing many countries and communities in a positive way. There are well over 88 million speakers of the Punjabi language, which makes it approximately the 11th most widely spoken language in the world.

As generations of Punjabis settle and grow their families in other countries, the new generations that are being born are slowly loosing their connection with the Punjabi language. Their first language ends up being the local language that is spoken where they were born and brought up, and their knowledge of Punjabi becomes diluted.

Learning Punjabi Online

We now have a generation of Punjabis whose general understanding of the Punjabi language could be improved, and that is where Online Punjabi Teacher comes in.

Online Punjabi Teacher has been created to keep the Punjabi language alive and continuing throughout the following generations that follow. Here at Online Punjabi Teacher, we concentrate on the spoken form of Punjabi so that we can reignite the Punjabi spirit in all foreign born Punjabis, so that they can take their new learning’s of Punjabi and integrate more so in their communities as well as pass on this knowledge to their own children one day.

There are so many situations today where children cannot communicate with their elders because their knowledge of Punjabi is limited. Imagine being able to learn Punjabi and finally be able to converse with https://slotsduck.com/slots-basics/online-casinos-for-usa-players/ your grand parents, bhua’s, massi’s, thaya’s and the rest of your Punjabi speaking family and friends all across the world.

Other Punjabi Learning Methods Vs. One-on-One Online Punjabi Tuition

Previously Punjabi has been taught privately one-one-one or in Punjabi classes at Gurdwaras and other cultural centres by older uncles and aunties. The problem with that is a lot of the Punjabi teachers couldn’t really relate to the new generation of children that were trying to learn and as a result didn’t really give the best environments to encourage learning. Also a lot of concentration was on writing and reading Punjabi too, and learning in a group is not as effective as one-one-one tailored teaching.

Also in the market there has also been a few “teach yourself Punjabi CDs” that you can buy, but the problem with these has been you loose the two-way conversational style of learning a language that can only be achieved with the help of a human teacher.

With all of this in mind, Online Punjabi Teacher solely concentrates all of its time and energy in teaching the spoken Punjabi language, giving the student the ability to learn spoken Punjabi far quicker than as if they were learning to read, write and speak Punjabi all as one. Being able to speak Punjabi can then provide the student with a good foundation, if the student wishes, to learn reading and writing also.

Teaching Punjabi online also provides a solution to many of the issues of private tuition, like not having to invite an unvetted teacher into your home to teach poorly, not being a commutable distance from your nearest Punjabi school, or not having the time to attend their timetable of classes.

Online Punjabi Teacher now provides an alternative to private face to face tuition, and because it is all done online at your convenience we are able to keep our costs low and therefore provide you with a low cost competitive price.

Teaching Punjabi online this way retains all of the benefits of one-on-one home tutoring, whilst removing many of the headaches. Online Punjabi Teacher is an online tutoring website that allows students to learn with a real teacher and choose the time and frequency of their lessons all from the convenience of their own environment.

Preservation of Punjabi Culture: Boliyan Book

Online Punjabi Teacher has teamed up with Boliyan Book under the shared goal of the ‘Preservation of Punjabi Culture’.

Boliyan Book is a Punjabi wedding song book which provides a simple, step-by-step guide on where and when to sing traditional Punjabi wedding songs and boliyan, and how to sing them using your English pronunciation.

It contains a comprehensive list of Punjabi wedding songs written in easy to read English phonetics: boliyan (pronounced phonetically as boliyah), sangeet songs, dholki songs, suhag (suhaag), ghorhian (khorhiyah) and tappe (tappeh). Boliyan Book also covers songs for all of the main wedding events including kudmai (kurmai), chunni, maiyan (maiyah), nanakishak, jago (jaago) and many more. Boliyan Book makes participating in Punjabi weddings that much easier, making them even more fun for everyone involved. At last we have a book that will help preserve the Punjabi culture for generations to come, all around the world.

Projects like Online Punjabi Teacher and Boliyan Book work to preserve the Punjabi heritage for new generations. It endeavours to keep the Punjabi spirit alive for future generations by focusing on three of the many areas at the heart of the culture: language, music and weddings. Through these we aim to reignite the Punjabi spirit in all international born Punjabis so that one day the enthusiasm and knowledge is passed on to their own children helping continue the ‘Preservation of Punjabi Culture’.


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