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The initial 20 minute consultation session is free. This gives you the opportunity to see if this fast method of learning Punjabi is for you. Also, if you go ahead with our teaching, it gives us the opportunity to work out how many lessons you may need in order to achieve your goals. As our prices are extremely competitive and our teaching is of a high quality, we are confident that we can provide you with the results you wish to achieve.

If you are a parent and looking for a Punjabi teaching course for your child, then you can also take part in the free 20 minute consultation to ask any questions to our qualified teachers.

To register for your first free 20 minute consultation, please fill in the form below and click on the ‘Register’ button. One of our teachers will contact you back shortly:

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    High Quality Teaching At A Low Cost

    Here at Online Punjabi Teacher, we consistently aim to provide a cost effective and competitive service. As all of our teaching is done online at your convenience, we are able to keep our costs low and therefore provide you with the most cost effective price.

    Our teaching methods are consistently high and because our teachers do not need to travel to and from the student’s location, our prices are upto 60% less than a home tutor – so you get more for less! You won’t find high quality one-to-one private tuition any where cheaper!

    Adult’s Punjabi Learning Course or Children’s & Kid’s Punjabi Learning Course

    As there is a wide demand for Punjabi teaching, we offer Punjabi teaching courses for adults and Punjabi teaching courses for children & kids. The Adult’s Punjabi teaching course covers all of the topics required for someone who wishes to speak Punjabi. The Children’s Punjabi teaching course allows young children from the ages of 5 to 11 years to learn the basics of Punjabi in a fun and exciting way, pitched perfectly for children. Both sets of courses cover all of the major topics that a language course should cover. For the list of course topics covered, see the relevant table below.

    If you don’t know which level to begin with then sign up for the free 20 minute consultation by filling in the form above. Our teacher can then assess your level of Punjabi and recommend the course that suits you best. If you already know which course level you require then click the Buy Now button in the relevant table below. You will then be taken to a secure PayPal checkout page where you can pay using a variety of methods including debit and credit card, and also a PayPal account if you have one. Once the transaction is successful you can then register online so that you can access your course material.

    Our high quality teaching has helped students all over the world and we accept all currencies even though our prices are listed in British Pounds (£ GBP). Once the payment has been processed at check out, the currency conversion then takes place.

    Adult's Punjabi Course

    13 Lessons (13 x 1hr lessons)
    • Adult's Beginner Module: 13 x 1 Hour Lessons (12 x 1 hour lessons, plus 1 extra lesson FREE)
    • Covers all ages from teenagers (12+) upwards to adults
    • The Adult's module introduces you to some of the fundamentals of Punjabi language. Below is a list of objectives and topics that you will learn:
    • Conversational: The Punjab state & it's culture, How to use simple greetings, How to introduce yourself, How to ask how people are, Practising formal and informal speech, How to ask about and describe your nationality, How to describe things, How to ask questions
    • Grammar: Pronouns & Nouns, Singular & Plural, Formal use of possessive adjective (mine, yours, etc), Sentence order, Interrogative Words (who, what, where, etc), How gender affects nouns, How to use the word “da” (Possessive particle), Simple verbs, Present Tense, Use of possessive adjectives with plural objects, Past Tense, Simple Postpositions (in, on, from, with, etc), Future Tense
    • Vocabulary: Overview of Punjabi alphabet, Learning numbers from 1-60 and larger numbers, Learn parts of the face, Learn body parts (singular & plural), Learn food items (vegetable/dairy), Days of the week, Learn colours

    Children's Punjabi Course

    8 Lessons (8 x 1hr lessons)
    • Children's Module: 8 x 1 Hour Lessons
    • FUN, EXCITING & FRIENDLY: Covers ages from 5 to 11 years
    • The Children's module introduces to your child some of the fundamentals of Punjabi language in a fun and exciting way. Below is a list of objectives and topics that they will learn:
    • Conversational: The Punjab state & it's culture, How to use simple greetings, How to introduce yourself, How to talk about yourself, How to describe different places in Punjabi, Practising formal and informal speech, Talk about your Family members, Telephone Conversations, Telling the time in Punjabi, Different points in time in Punjabi, Describe your house
    • Grammar: In order to not overwhelm the child with the technical nature of the language, we have incorporated the Punjabi grammar directly in with the conversational learning. Each of the conversation topics that are covered in the list above introduce the basics of Punjabi grammar to the student
    • Vocabulary: Overview of Punjabi Alphabet, Vegetable names in Punjabi, Name of the colours in Punjabi, Name of fruits in Punjabi, Animal Names in Punjabi, Days of the week in Punjabi, Counting numbers 1 to 100, Big Numbers

    Alternative ways to learn Punjabi

    Online Punjabi Teacher provides a fast way to learn Punjabi in a safe and comfortable environment. Our teachers are highly skilled and the course is flexible to suit the individual needs of each and every student. Ultimately, our goal is to help students learn Punjabi and as a result preserve our rich cultural heritage. For some individuals, they may prefer self-learning so we have compiled a list of alternative ways to learn Punjabi so that we can all work together in the goal of preserving the language of Punjabi.
    See alternatives
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