Our Teachers

Professional, Yet Friendly

All of our teachers are selected from a strict criteria to provide our students with the best possible service. They are all very friendly, and are able to create a fun and easy learning environment for each student.

Our teachers are fluent in Punjabi and English so are able to bridge the gap for new Punjabi students. They all have had a lot of experience with teaching Punjabi and actually take great pride in sharing their teachings with their students.

As part of the learning process you will have the opportunity to provide feedback to your teacher in order to improve the teaching process. After all learning is a two way process, and if there is anything you think we can improve on so that we can provide you with a better learning experience then we will give you many opportunities for you to tell us.

We all look forward to teaching you!

Student Testimonials

I have been wanting to learn Punjabi for some time, but as the only option I had available was my local Gurdwara it put me off, luckily I found out about Online Punjabi Teacher and now can finally learn Punjabi one on one. I feel so much better with myself knowing that I can speak Punjabi.


Very informative teaching and great thing is I can learn in the comfort of my own space


After trying Punjabi schools at Community Centres, we realised that our child wasn’t getting the level of attention they needed to learn Punjabi properly. We found out about Online Punjabi Teacher from a friend and signed up straight away after their great review. Our child is now learning Punjabi and has made lots of progress. We definitely recommend the children’s Punjabi course to all parents who are looking to teach their kids Punjabi.

Proud Parent

My family are impressed at how much I have learnt in a short space of time!


I signed up for the Adult’s course as there were so many things I was stuck on when it came to speaking Punjabi. My Online Punjabi Teacher was able to take me through them and show me the rules of Punjabi that I needed to know. My teacher was very patient and went at a pace that I was comfortable with. Definitely recommend this to those who want to learn Punjabi.


I needed to learn Punjabi quite quickly as I was getting married and wanted to be able to speak to my inlaws, after a couple of months worth of lessons I can now converse confidently!


Great way to learn Punjabi fast


My older siblings bought me some of these Punjabi lessons as a present, and it probably has been the most rewarding present I have received as I can finally speak to my elders in Punjabi and have built better relationships with them that I couldn’t have done before.


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