How It Works

Just 4 Easy Steps To Get Started

1. Sign up for free consultation

Visit our site and sign up for the free 20 minute consultation – a teacher will be in touch to book your informal consultation which will give you the opportunity to discuss the course

2. Speak with our teacher

During the free consultation, based on the student’s level of Punjabi, the teacher will recommend which course the student should begin with and any other special needs they require


3. Sign up for course

Student signs up for the appropriate course online and teacher prepares the course plan and material. Teacher also arranges the most convenient date and time for the first lesson

4. Begin learning Punjabi!

Student then attends their first lesson and begins learning Punjabi straight away! As the course is over the internet, you choose where and when you want to learn! Flexible and fast learning!

How We Teach Our Students

Our Punjabi Teachers are fluent in both Punjabi and English and are perfectly setup to be able to understand your needs quickly. They are skilled at creating lesson plans based on the needs of the student.

To minimise costs to the student, all of the teaching is done online via a free voice chat service called Skype. Our teachers also have access to other free chat services, however we have found Skype to have the best quality and be the most reliable. You can download Skype and create your Skype account here.

Skype Download Link

The only other items a student requires are a microphone and speakers, and these days they are built in to most laptops and smartphones. The great thing about this method is that learning can take place anywhere and at anytime best suited to the student. With most smartphones being compatible with Skype, the Punjabi learning experience is truly mobile.

In order to learn Punjabi effectively, we speak Punjabi with our students so that they can learn from their mistakes and confidently go on to speak some more. However when we explain key Punjabi language concepts, this is all done in English in order to make sure the student learns the key concepts thoroughly.

Learning is all about feedback so the process is a very much a two way process. If there is anything the student is really stuck on then the teacher can concentrate their time improving the students understanding in that specific area. As always, lots of practise makes perfect!

The environment is focused on quick learning and at the same time is extremely informative and fun. After all, fun learning is easier learning!

Our Courses

Once enrolled for the free 20 minute consultation, our teachers are experienced enough so that they can identify what your current level of Punjabi is and also what skill level of Punjabi you would like to get up to.

Each of the lessons within each course are split into 1 hour manageable sessions so that we can get the most out of each one, however we can also create 30 minute lessons if the situation requires, however we have found that 1 hour sessions work best. Furthermore, using our teaching expertise we are also able to customise lesson plans so that we can tailor them to your requirements. So if there is a particular area you want to work on then we can work with you in achieving your goal.

Alternative ways to learn Punjabi

Online Punjabi Teacher provides a fast way to learn Punjabi in a safe and comfortable environment. Our teachers are highly skilled and the course is flexible to suit the individual needs of each and every student. Ultimately, our goal is to help students learn Punjabi and as a result preserve our rich cultural heritage. For some individuals, they may prefer self-learning so we have compiled a list of alternative ways to learn Punjabi so that we can all work together in the goal of preserving the language of Punjabi.
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